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Arbor Networks is a software company founded in 2000 and based in Burlington, Massachusetts, United States, which sells network security and network monitoring software, used – according to the company's claims – by over 90% of all Internet service providers. The company's products are used to protect networks from denial-of-service attacks, botnets, computer worms, and efforts to disable network routers.

A former employee shared in a review "I worked at a small company that was acquired by Arbor Networks. They didn't manage the acquired product line well, even though it was more profitable than their own product. There was some tension between the original Arbor engineers and the acquired engineers that never really dissipated."


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Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Micromanagement from NetScout has driven away dozens of great people. Arbor employees’ formerly positive and enthusiastic attitudes dissolved to resignation and resentment. No room to grow. No bonuses, low raises due to poor parent company performance. Parent company upper management say one thing and do another and cannot be trusted to keep their word. No unified front in any department. No one knows what anyone else does after restructuring, very difficult to get things done."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Senior management is too busy resting on their laurels to effect any real change and improvement in the culture or products that are desperately needed to not fade into obscurity in the space. Haphazard approach to entering new product markets, fear of promoting good people that aren't yes men, putting an incompetent sales engineer in charge of the security team and promoting an average sales engineer as CTO (AFTER forcing out a CTO who brought a fresh perspective and ideas to a stale business) to avoid hiring qualified person(s) that would expose the mismanagement and cluelessness present are just a few of the numerous systemic problems present. Steadily driving all talent out of the engineering and security teams to avoid admitting mistakes made by senior management or giving deserved promotions that would mean fewer yes men in positions of power. Three years of minimal- to no-raises company-wide due to poor NETSCOUT performance, despite record Arbor performance is disheartening and unfair to all employees - tock that has a 5-6 yr maturity rate and is constantly declining in value is not an acceptable substitute."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Salaries are decent, but benefits are on the lower end of standard in the area--401k match and tuition reimbursement kick in after a year of employment, if I remember correctly. Two (!) years of service required after tuition reimbursement is paid out. Health insurance, while reasonably priced, was not very good-- high co-pays. The sales team treats the sales support staff very poorly, some of the most unprofessional account managers I have worked with. Internally the culture is a disaster. It's congenial on the surface, but catty and spiteful underneath. Everyone is always looking for someone to throw under the bus; eye-rolls and back-stabbing abound. Toxic office environment."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"Arbor is a veteran tech company, having been around since the early 2000s, and it shows. There is a complete lack of energy surrounding everything at Arbor, a pervasive corporate, sterile vibe to the place. Meeting participation is incredibly low; people don't pay attention or participate, and employees don't really feel like their voice has any effect on the direction of the company. Recruiting suffers, since candidates see the dark, quiet workplace and rightly think twice. The company was recently bought out by Netscout, an even larger tech company, so there's no reason to expect this will get any better. Employees go years without speaking to upper managers who work in the same building. People don't bother to get to know each other, especially if they are siloed off in different teams. Management has attempted to address this through various contrived strategies for cross-team collaboration, one of many top-down solutions that aren't particularly effective. The weight of corporate politics is really tearing at everything that made Arbor a nice place to work. Team dynamics have become dysfunctional; people who are known to be toxic are allowed to operate freely with no repercussions. Positive, innovative ideas are shot down in favor of trying to fix poor management decisions. Lower managers are quietly aware of these problems but are unable to take effective action."

Technical says

"People are rude, back stabbing,'s high school all over again, not business professional. Terrible work environment. Operations management should be gutted altogether but they have to many friends, sisters and brothers working alongside one-another so if something is broken the attitude is do not ask to fix it or your blacklisted. They bring a new meaning to "cliquish"! I'm doing the job of three people although it wasn't mentioned in my interview or in the job description. People don't reply to messages or emails which is rude. There is no training, none. Arbor is loosing marketshare but Engineering or Internal Executive Management doesn't care and won't listen."

Former Employee - Customer Support Specialist says

"Management has no direction or integrity Unless you are part of the "inner circle" Training on new technology is nonexistent. Everyone talks behind each others backs. No clear cut direction or indication that management has a clue."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Emea management delusional, poor management style and little value add. Lots of people leaving as you can not longer make target. Made worse by the new parent company."

Former Employee - Professional Services says

"Very entrenched in old school techniques, not agile, not fit for current business environment."

Current Employee - Software QA Engineer says

"Communication, business practices and vision from NetScout parent company is terrible.. Local management in Ann Arbor used to be excellent now they all seem like they given up on trying to make things better. I don't blame them. I've seen a manager in tears trying to deal with the dreadful decisions from NetScout. Local Arbor senior management has become powerless to change anything to the positive anymore.. Arbor used to be proactive on almost everything and was truly a dream job come true. now just forced to react to the next absurd backward thing NetScout demands. No promotions for years when they were promised but senior leaders get promoted. Cannot promote a QA Engineer however. No hiring any more. No one from NetScout explains why decisions were made. Lunches taken away. Morale is terrible. It is saddest of all things.."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"People at Arbor need to learn how to work together. Unfortunately for Arbor, great ideas get debated until execution is no longer possible...people look out for themselves instead of the greater good of the company."

Network Security Engineer (Current Employee) says

"10 to 12 hour workdays. Excellent environment to learn Arbor specific software and hardware based DDoS solutions. Learned more about DDoS attack defense and countermeasure and packet analysis. The workplace is casual dress and comfortable. Training is limited to internal only. Internal training is limited to free online self-paced training sources. The hardest part of the job are the longer hours and working with minimal staff coverage. The most enjoyable part of the job is learning newer not previously learned methods and sources. Explicit no work from home policy4 day work week with 3 days off.Training options are limited to online free training only."

Principal SQA Engineer (Former Employee) says

"[this review is for when I worked there over 6 years ago. it is possible the situation has improved, but I do not know for sure] I worked at a small company that was acquired by Arbor. They didn't manage the acquired product line well, even though it was more profitable than their own product. There was some tension between the original Arbor engineers and the acquired engineers that never really dissipated."


"Arbor Networks Inc. was awesome but merging with Netscout made it less appealing, as shedules became not as flexible, the migration of both companies was not so organized, and my responsibilities changed so much that I didn't feel fulfilled any longer. The new commute became an hour when we moved all together - so I am looking for something else now, that will suit my work experience and location."

Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Always had fun events. Pay was good. Benefits were okay. Not much room for advancement and lack of direction from leadership in terms of future goals and expectations."

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